Belize Deep Blue Hole Makes History on Discovery Channel

This past Sunday December 2 the Discovery Channel aired live from Belize with the expedition's crew who spoke about their expedition to the bottom of the Blue Hole the previous day. resizeimageOriginally scheduled to air the expedition live on the planned date, since weather conditions were ideal the day before, the Discovery Channel and crew seized the opportunity to embark on the expedition Saturday December 1, instead of Sunday December 2.

The show's host, Luke Tippel, spoke while footage of the expedition was being shown and also interviewed the following people: Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of Jacques Cousteau, a native of France, who was the first to explore the Blue Hole; Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, which includes Virgin Airlines and Virgin Records, and an ocean conservationist who founded Ocean Unite; pilot Eva Bergman, and other staff appeared on the show to give their testimonies.

Part of the Discovery Channel's and Ocean Unite's objective in the expedition was to promote global concern for climate change as part of its over all mission to "work[..] with decision makers to effect a change." These were the words of Karen Sack, managing director of Ocean Unite, who appeared on the show. 

The full show may be viewed at this website: