County Approves 5 Year Agreements To Save Water, Save Money, Save the Environment

Author  Samantha Baker

BROWARD COUNTY, FL - In December, Commissioners approved 15 new 5-year agreements for partners in the Broward Water Partnership dedicated to saving water. The Broward Water Partnership (BWP), a collaboration between Broward County, utilities and local governments was originally established in late 2011 to promote water conservation. The goal is simple: Save Water, Save Money, Save the Environment. The BWP, operating as the Conservation Pays program, aims to promote a stronger water conservation ethic through a number of initiatives including outreach, high efficiency toilet rebates, free showerheads and aerators, and pre-rinse spray valves for commercial kitchens in qualifying areas.

Since 2012, Broward residents, nonprofits and businesses have saved more than 1.3 billion gallons of water with rebates and devices through the Conservation Pays program. The BWP has also hosted numerous contests which have encouraged water conservation and provided prizes including cash, fitness devices, irrigation system controllers, and a complete home retrofit with water and energy saving devices.

During the first five years, the Partnership was successful in leveraging funds from the South Florida Water Management District to support the rebate program and has won numerous national and state awards. Because the Partnership has been so successful, the partners have enthusiastically agreed to continue to support the Conservation Pays Program for another five years.

With this program and other water conservation efforts, we have reduced per capita demands from 160 to 124 gallons per day. Our current goal is an additional 10 percent reduction. Participants help meet this goal and enjoy monthly savings on their water bills.

Be sure to check your eligibility for toilet rebates. Visit or call 1-800-270-9794 for complete details.