The growing need for vehicle emission control around the world was the subject of an address given at the COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris by Donal Smith, the Founder and CEO of Bermuda Emissions Control, Ltd. (BECL), of Hamilton, Bermuda.
Divi Resorts together with One World Sustainable, a renewable energy company, has donated solar panels and equipment to I Too Can Learn, a school for children with learning disabilities on the island of St. Maarten. This donation was given as part of Divi Resorts’ company-wide Divi Cares program and will help the school substantially reduce its operational expenses.
All year long our coast gives us protection for our homes, communities and businesses. It gives us peaceful places to recreate. It provides homes and nesting-resting-feasting places for myriad wildlife, including endangered and threatened species. It provides livelihoods to people and value to property. 
If you live in a low-lying area, the prospect of sea level rise is not a welcome one. But if you rely on a sandy shoreline to keep water at bay, new research says you could be facing a one-two punch that will make the future even more threatening. Scientists with The Nature Conservancy recently published findings gleaned from looking at some 60 years of wave energy data, which found that waves have been getting stronger in recent years compared to decades past.
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