Washington, D.C.—The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently announced that the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF), a Key Largo non-profit organization, is the recipient of a $2.1 million grant to restore eight coral reefs in the Florida Keys over the next three years. Rep. Curbelo, an advocate for increased funding for coral restoration, issued the following statement:

When you hear the word “infrastructure,” what do you think? Probably roads, bridges, dams, sewer systems, power grids… man-made and machine-driven, the industrial veins and arteries that keep this country moving and its economy alive.

Rescued against all the odds, hundreds of miles apart in South America, circus lions crossed the globe to become a pride again, home in Africa. 

A lion family has been reunited in the African bush after they were torn apart by a travelling circus in South America. Leo, his mate Muneca, and daughters Africa and Kiara are back together. Animal Defenders International (ADI) is appealing for funds to complete an enclosure in the African bush where they can live out their lives together. https://lionsbacktoafrica.org/donate-for-leo/

Almost four years after the devastation brought on by the landfall of Super storm Sandy, coastal scientists and policy-makers are still working to fashion a response shaped by the lessons learned from the storm. Some of the battle is scope, particularly given Sandy’s unique size and attributes. Another factor is sound science, since gathering, analyzing and reporting findings in an accurate and accessible manner is hardly a task accomplished overnight.

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