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Excelerate Energy has executed an agreement with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) to undertake the development and permitting of a floating offshore LNG regasification facility off the southern coast of Puerto Rico.

The facility, named Aguirre GasPort®, will provide fuel to the Central Aguirre Power Plant and is a step forward in the island's strategy to convert power generation from high-cost, high-emissions imported oil to cost-effective, cleaner-burning natural gas. The Central Aguirre Power plant has already converted 600 MW of its available 1500 MW to utilize natural gas and has plans to convert the remaining 900 MW prior to completion of Excelerate Energy's Aguirre GasPort.

Funds will be used to encourage residents and businesses to install energy-saving roof top solar systems. Broward County has received a $646,367 grant to help reduce the cost and wait time associated with the installation of photovoltaic (PV), or rooftop solar systems, by residents and businesses.

The Rooftop Solar Challenge grant is part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) $12 million SunShot Initiative, the goal of which is to jumpstart the expansion of solar energy by streamlining the application, permitting and installation processes for PV systems.

Twenty five years ago, on December 4, 1986, Walter Wyatt's plane crashed in the waters of Cay Sal Bank, a remote area between Cuba and The Bahamas. It sank almost immediately.

Walter, who now lives in Enterprise, Alabama, spent a night in the ocean fending off sharks, plugging holes in his leaking life vest, and hoping for a merciful end. The Coast Guard located and saved him the next morning and his harrowing experience made many headlines. 

Boat Safely this Holiday Season

Save the Manatee Club reminds boaters who will be recreating on Florida’s waterways this holiday season to watch out for endangered manatees as they migrate to warm-water sites when cooler weather sets in around the Sunshine State.

According to Dr. Katie Tripp, the Club’s Director of Science and Conservation, manatees migrate in response to changing water temperatures in order to avoid a potentially fatal condition known as cold stress syndrome. If cold fronts start coming in regularly, manatees will head for the warm-water sites on which they depend – areas like Blue Spring in Volusia, Kings Bay/Crystal River in Citrus County, and power plants in Brevard, Palm Beach, Broward, Lee, and Hillsborough Counties.