Although March 27 through April 2 is generally recognized as Tsunami Preparedness Week, different states designate different times (though most choose March and April). Those who live on the U.S. East Coast are used to hurricane preparedness, preparing for tsunamis is very different. Some Americans live in higher risk areas for tsunamis, while others may visit one either for pleasure or business.

The world’s rarest species — both plants and animals — contribute disproportionally to the ecosystems where they reside, according to research published this week. This new information is changing how scientists view rare species, many of which are on the brink of extinction. An international team of researchers, including FIU botanist Christopher Baraloto, is answering the question of just how important these rare species really are.

Partners with VIP Sports Celebs and introduces new and innovative products. 

The Florida Department of Transportation’s DRIVE IT HOME … KEEP OUR PARADISE LITTER-FREE campaign continues to elevate the dialogue about litter prevention on the state’s highways and roadsides in an exceptional way. From their joining forces with some of the state’s most notable VIP sports celebrities, to their design and development of creative products and services, the campaign’s efforts are making great strides.

Essential for life, water is the most important resource on the planet, and also one of the most imperiled. FIU has launched the Institute of Water and Environment to address global water issues and broader challenges impacting the environment. It brings together some of the university’s top centers and programs to expand research and community engagement opportunities in the face of growing environmental threats.

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