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Scientists from Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and partner agencies departed Key West recently aboard the NOAA Ship Nancy Foster to map fish spawning sites between Key West and the Dry Tortugas. Data collected on this 10-day research cruise will enhance scientific understanding of fish spawning locations, as well as fish movements in and around the sanctuary’s Tortugas Ecological Reserve.
“During the recent public regulatory review, many stakeholders said that we need to understand and protect our fishing spawning areas better,” said Sean Morton, sanctuary superintendent. “The scientific results of this cruise will help inform the public and guide management decisions as we continue to look at sanctuary marine zones and regulations.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A United States State Department project to develop housing for American diplomats in the earthquake-torn Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, has received the U.S. government procurement agency’s award for property innovation.

More than 40 senior citizens living in Miami Gardens recently got a prep course in hurricane preparedness. The workshop, sponsored by Miami-Dade County Commissioner Barbara Jordan, was held at the Robert Sharp Towers for seniors.

“Many of our elderly have special needs,” said Commissioner Jordan. “When the threat of a hurricane approaches, some of our seniors have other issues that they have to consider such as electricity and the refrigeration of medicine.”

Much of the discussion surrounding sea level rise has focused on the practical – is it happening, what’s causing it, how much rise can we expect, what needs to be done about it? This has kept the scientists and policymakers busy, and given the pundits and pols plenty to talk about.

Well, it appears, the lawyers will soon have their turn. As is often the case when the law is involved, the consequences could be widespread in their own unique way.

First, there’s the question of property rights – what happens if rising tides submerge the public shore and encroach on private property? This has always been an issue in the fight against erosion, and it should accelerate if the level of the seas picks up its pace of rise.