BROWARD COUNTY, FL. - The Board of County Commissioners took a bold step today to address the impacts of climate change by adopting stronger planning requirements for new building projects and major redevelopments.
CHARLESTON, South Carolina (May, 2017) -- Wounded Nature - Working Veterans has hired Army Veteran, Justin Willis, to serve as full-time Florida Director. In this position, Justin will organize volunteers to clean trash and debris from the many miles of Florida's rural coastal areas that have never been cleaned as most of America’s critical coastal wildlife habitats are collection points for trash and storm debris. Most wildlife tends to nest and inhabit the coastal areas that are hard to access and many can only be reached by boat.
This Saturday, people will rise up with dozens of events around the Southeast to demonstrate the political will for serious action on climate change, as part of the People’s Climate Movement day of action. Please plan to attend your local event or join one of the many buses heading to the central march in D.C. Click here to find your local event or bus. Information for a few key events around the region (Miami, Charleston, Asheville, and Atlanta) are below. Together, we will show our strength in numbers and demand accountability from our elected leaders.
The story of our coastlines is a tale of sediment in motion. How it moves, where it moves, why it moves – all chronicle the forces that shape our shorelines. At its heart, this is a (not so) simple tale: Waves, winds, water and weather work together (most of the time, at least) to keep coastal sediment in constant motion. These forces ensure the coast is an ever-changing environment, albeit with changes that can be minutely subtle some days and drastically shocking on others.
It’s a common misconception: Older adults don’t care about climate change. Why? Because they won’t be around long enough to experience the results, the misguided thinking goes. Mick Smyer has stepped inside the eye of the storm to reverse this myth. It began with Hurricane Katrina, which devastated his hometown of New Orleans in 2005. Then it was the birth of twin grandsons in 2015, who deserve a planet free from devastating weather events.
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