New County Pilot Program Will Help Low-Income Seniors With Their Rent

Author  Melonie Burke

MIAMI-DADE – Low-income Miami-Dade senior citizens struggling with the high cost of housing may benefit from a new County pilot program to help them with their rent. 

seniorCommissioner Jean Monestime sponsored a resolution to create a Senior Rental Assistance Pilot Program which the  Miami-Dade County Commission on Feb. 19 unanimously approved. The program would provide direct monthly payments of $100 a month to the landlords of eligible seniors for one year, which may be renewed for an additional 12 months subject to continued eligibility and availability of funds. Participants must be 65 or older, spend more than half their monthly income on rent, and meet other income eligibility requirements including having a household income of $1,500 or less and having no more than $5,000 in their bank accounts. This program will also provide seniors with information and guidance on County resources and programs such as Meals on Wheels, Meals for the Elderly, the Home Care Program, Senior Companions, Seniors with Disabilities, which they could tap into for additional support.

“This program will save lives by giving low-income seniors a helping hand so that they don’t have to choose between paying their rent and paying for their food and medicine,” Commissioner Monestime said.