Ramona Wilson, 74, tidied her house, parked both of her cars in her garage, shut all the doors and turned on the engines. But before she could climb behind the wheel and asphyxiate herself, two strangers were tap, tap, tapping on her front door. Wilson wanted to chase them away. But one of them — Dave Kessler, of the Ohio attorney Ohio Initiative Challenges Elder Abuse ‘Myths’.
Emma Rosenbaum never married and had no children. So when Rosenbaum, now 88, fell and shattered her arm at her Indiana home 3½ years ago, she agreed to move to a rehabilitation center in Columbus, Ohio, to be near her niece Terri Lane and Lane’s husband, Denny.
“We have to raise hell with this man,” declared elders’ advocate Gary Passmore at a California Assembly hearing last Tuesday, “and make him act his age.” His voice cracking with emotion, Passmore, vice president of the Congress of California Seniors, criticized Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, calling him “the oldest governor in the history of this state. But he knows only one word when it comes to seniors--no.”
When Adbonias Bonilla suffered a stroke his life came to a complete standstill, literally. Now age 70, he is supposed to be under the care of a geriatric physician to monitor his heart conditions and diabetes.
Pam Tau Lee recently faced an unintended consequence of U.S. immigration policy when one of her parents’ care workers called from a Texas detention center.
The nursing home Georgie Williams moved to in her 80s was supposed to be a haven from the deepening confusion of Alzheimer's disease.
Ruby Howard takes a while to warm up to describing past episodes of her life. The 58-year-old Virginia Beach woman travelled a path through emergency rooms, psychiatric units and homeless shelters for a year before coming to an apartment complex where she's now seated with a case manager.
On March 6, Americans recognize Middle Name Pride Day. At the Social Security Administration, our middle name is “Security,” and every day, we do everything we can to live up to that name. As part of protecting our vital services, we safeguard against all forms of Social Security fraud.
Spring training for major league baseball teams begins in March. As you prepare to meet the April 15 deadline to file your taxes, here are some Social Security tax tips to help you knock the ball out of the park! Batter up!
Did you know that crossword puzzles are the most popular and widespread word game in the world? No wonder we have three days in March (27–29) dedicated to these tricky grids of elusive answers. Arthur Wynne, who immigrated to the United States from Liverpool, England at the age of 19, is credited with creating the first published crossword puzzle, dating back to December 21, 1913.
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