Silver Sands

“We have to raise hell with this man,” declared elders’ advocate Gary Passmore at a California Assembly hearing last Tuesday, “and make him act his age.” His voice cracking with emotion, Passmore, vice president of the Congress of California Seniors, criticized Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, calling him “the oldest governor in the history of this state. But he knows only one word when it comes to seniors--no.”

When Adbonias Bonilla suffered a stroke his life came to a complete standstill, literally. Now age 70, he is supposed to be under the care of a geriatric physician to monitor his heart conditions and diabetes.

Pam Tau Lee recently faced an unintended consequence of U.S. immigration policy when one of her parents’ care workers called from a Texas detention center.

The nursing home Georgie Williams moved to in her 80s was supposed to be a haven from the deepening confusion of Alzheimer's disease.