Silver Sands

TALLAHASSEE—Florida’s Public Service Commission (PSC) is recognizing Wakulla Senior Citizens Center in Crawfordville as aPSC Helping Hand for helping raise public awareness about the Lifeline Assistance telephone and broadband discount program, energy and water conservation, and scams affecting seniors.
When I enrolled in Florida International University, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life professionally. I took random classes trying to see if I would find my calling but it didn’t quite happen that way. After seeing some posters up on campus offering jobs to students, I visited the Co-Op office with the intention of earning some extra cash and some real-life experience. The year was 1982 and posters were the primary form of communication. There was no social media or internet, just papers tacked onto bulletin boards and posters taped up onto walls. These posters laid the foundation for my career.
A lot of people have a difficult time understanding the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. Both programs begin with the letter “M.” They’re both health insurance programs run by the government. People often ask questions about what Medicare and Medicaid are, what services they cover, and who administers the programs.
Next payday, when you see a portion of your wages go toward FICA taxes, rest easier knowing that your investment in Social Security brings a lifetime of protections for you and your family.  From your first job and throughout your career, we track your earnings and give you credits for the contributions you’ve made through payroll taxes. Those credits can translate into important future benefits. As you prepare for a financially secure future, you should know about these five benefits that you, your spouse, and your children may become eligible for through Social Security:
During the holiday season, most of us, regardless of religion or beliefs, focus on the children we love. Caring for children is one of the best ways to safeguard the future. And we at Social Security know a thing or two about helping children.  The application for a Social Security number and card is sometimes overlooked in the paperwork that parents fill out in preparation for a child’s birth. 
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