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Silver Sands

Media representatives may register free of charge.

An estimated 3,500 professionals are expected to attend the five-day gathering at the Hilton Atlanta and Atlanta Marriott Marquis. The theme for 2009 is “Creative Approaches to Healthy Aging and the program schedule contains more than 400 scientific sessions featuring research presented for the first time. Noteworthy highlights include:

Press Briefings:

GSA offers direct access to leading authorities and new discoveries in gerontology. A special notice will be issued when the briefing schedule is finalized; currently confirmed topics include health care gaps among ethnic elders, breakthroughs in vitamin D research, caloric restriction in humans, upcoming federally-funded studies, and a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report (to be issued at the meeting) on preventative services.

Jacob Lozada was 13 in San Jose, Puerto Rico, when a neighbor came knocking on his door to tell his father that his grandfather had fainted at work. “My father said son, this is a blessing. I didn't understand why, Lozada recalled.When the most elder Lozada came home, Jacob's father told him it was time to retire.

“And what I did not understand, until later in my life, was why a 60-year-old man would want to get up at 5 in the morning to go work cutting sugar cane, which was one of the worst jobs anybody could have in the Tropics, especially in Puerto Rico, Jacob Lozada added.
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