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Silver Sands

Who says you can't teach an old dad new twists? All across the nation this Fathers Day weekend, people are telling their fathers, grandfathers, and other special men in their lives about a new "twist" in the law that may help them qualify for extra help paying for costs associated with their prescription drugs.

When you're spending time with Dad this weekend, ask him if he can use some help paying for his prescription drugs. If so, tell him about the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan and the extra help available through Social Security.

Summer is right around the corner. Now is the time to plan for that summer job you really want. Whether you find the perfect outdoor job at a summer camp or as a golf caddy, or you get to practice your people skills in retail, fast food, or an amusement park, one thing's for sure: nothing's better than having fun this summer while earning a few extra dollars.

No matter how cool the job may be, make sure to look at the tax deductions when your first pay check is issued. Some of the taxes you're paying as an employee will help you quality for Social Security benefits later.

We’ve been telling people how quick and easy it is to apply for Medicare benefits online — even if you’re not ready to apply for retirement benefits.

When you hear about disability benefits, you probably think about adults. But disability benefits are not just for grown-ups. In some cases, children can receive benefits too.

If your child who lives with you has a disability, and you also have limited income and resources, your child may be able to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits. SSI is another program run by Social Security. SSI is a needs-based program funded through general tax revenues.