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Speaking before the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging today, Virginia Tech professor Pamela Teaster, PhD, FGSA, urged lawmakers to support measures that provide adequate oversight of legal guardians and protect the rights of the older adults they serve.

The good news: the rate of older Americans with dementia is on the decline. The bad news: The number of Americans age 85 and older will roughly double in the next 20 years, so even with a decline in the rate of dementia among older adults, the number of people with dementia will likely increase substantially, according University of Michigan researcher Robert Schoeni, PhD.

No matter how much you’ve planned, there’s no better time than now to think about your future. We’d like to encourage you to take Five Steps toward Your Financial Security. Planning for the future may seem intimidating to many, but we’ve broken the task down into five easy steps:

Spring is upon us, and it marks two very popular annual events: Mother’s Day and the release of Social Security’s baby name list! There’s no better time to share some security with the people you love.

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