Silver Sands

Researchers on health conditions among older African Americans linked the development of chronic illness to mental health at November’s annual scientific meeting of the Gerontological Society of America in Washington, D.C.

Families can hire an “Angel” this holiday season!  

While the holidays are filled with fun festivities for most of us, this can be the most depressing of all seasons for the elderly.  Many seniors pine for lost loves one and have families hundreds of miles away. It’s often a struggle for seniors to decorate, shop, and prepare a meal, especially for those with health issues who can’t move around with ease.

Aging isn’t only a health issue. It’s also a lifestyle issue. Rapid advances in technology are changing the way we care for older adults – and how older adults care for themselves.

“We’re seeing amazing new start-ups that are bringing innovation to improve the lives of older people,” said Stephen Johnston, co-founder of the San Francisco based technology venture-capital “accelerator,” Aging 2.0.

On December 31, the nation celebrates National Make Up Your Mind Day. The timing is perfect to coincide with those pesky New Year’s resolutions. Some decisions are big and you might need time to plan before you make up your mind. Other decisions are small, but they matter all the same.