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RPOF Strikes Back: Bogus Polls and Bad Judges


This week, RPOF took aim at two myths beginning to gain traction in the mainstream media: First, that Barack Obama is going to win Florida in a walk, and second, that RPOF has no right to free speech on the question of whether or not three Florida Supreme Court Justices should get to keep their jobs.

This week, several suspect political polls were released showing Barack Obama with a runaway lead right here in Florida.  The most unbelievable of them was Quinnipiac, which showed an absurd 9-point lead for Obama.  RPOF immediately blasted the poll and pointed out that Democrats were dramatically oversampled, and the Florida media largely agreed with our analysis:

Tampa Bay Times political editor Adam Smith wrote:

Maybe I'll eat my words on Nov. 6, but I loudly echo Florida GOP Chairman Lenny Curry's sentiments on Twitter earlier today: "If you believe this mornings Fl Q poll I have swamp land to sell you. Come on man! This is Florida."