Caribbean American Public Advocate Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Author  Edited from CMC

NEW YORK–  Jumaane Williams, the Caribbean American public advocate for New York City, has announced his endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders for president of the United States.

sandersIn an endorsement video, Williams, the son of Grenadian immigrants, lauded Sanders’s inclusive grassroots movement, as well as his “consistency and commitment” on issues, such as quality housing, health care and education.

Williams previously endorsed Sanders’s 2016 presidential bid and served as a New York Bernie Delegate during the Democratic Convention.

“It’s critically important to have someone like Bernie Sanders as the next President, because we have to have someone who’s not just going to heal and unite but who is going to change the system that’s in place,” Williams said.


“When I first got elected, I made a decision that I didn’t get elected to get re-elected. I got elected to try to cause transformational change for people who feel their voice hasn’t been heard,” he said, adding“Bernie’s done the same thing.

“Bernie’s message resonates, because everybody understands that they, too, deserve quality housing, quality healthcare and quality education. We all deserve that, and Bernie Sanders is the one who is going to lead that charge.”

Sanders praised Williams as “truly an advocate for the people,” adding that he was “proud” to receive his endorsement.

“Jumaane and I share a common cause – to change the systems that make it harder and harder for working families to get by,” Sanders said.

Williams’s endorsement of Sanders follows other high-profile endorsements he’s made of New York progressives, including U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.