Geoffrey Canada, Founder of the Harlem Children's Zone and a National Leader in Education Reform, Endorses Mike Bloomberg for President

NEW YORK — Geoffrey Canada, Founder of the Harlem Children's Zone and a national leader in education reform, today announced his endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, praising his plan to address racial disparities in our present-day systems as well as his commitment to creating opportunities for future generations of African Americans.

geoffreyHaving worked with the Harlem Children’s Zone for more than 30 years, Canada is globally renowned for his pioneering work helping children and families in Harlem, and as a thought leader and passionate advocate for education reform. Canada is also known for his "whatever it takes" approach to helping kids.

"Geoff is one of the most innovative and dynamic educators in the country, and his pioneering work has made an incredible difference for thousands of young lives. I was glad to work closely with him as mayor, and I'm honored to have his support in this campaign," said Mike Bloomberg. "Geoff and I have always shared the belief that if we set high expectations, and provide students with great teachers and strong support, they will reach them. As president, I will work to ensure that students in every zip code get a top-quality education and learn the skills they need to succeed in college and careers."

“If we're going to close the opportunity gaps for Black Americans, we need a president who offers real accountability and an actionable plan to address these disparities head on,” Geoffrey Canada said. “I’m proud to endorse Mike Bloomberg for his commitment to ending this enduring legacy of discrimination by removing fundamental barriers that have inhibited African American communities from participating in our society and reaching their full potential.”

The endorsement comes as Mike Bloomberg delivered a speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma in which he outlined a bold agenda to address systematic and long-standing barriers faced by the African American community. Mike believes that the American government can right the wrongs of the past, and by doing so, will also bring economic success to the nation as a whole. Racial inequality depresses overall economic growth, with estimates suggesting that GDP could be up to 6 percent higher by 2028 if the racial wealth gap were closed. Mike will unleash efforts to increase access to capital, support for entrepreneurship, the capacity to become homeowners, and incentives and support to increase investment in neighborhoods.

Canada is an American educator, social activist and author. Since 1990, Canada served as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for the Harlem Children’s Zone. As of July 1, 2014, Mr. Canada stepped down as CEO, and continues to serve as Founder of the HCZ and Promise Academy Boards. Canada earned his B.A. degree in psychology and sociology from Bowdoin College and an M.S. education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Canada has authored two books and is also an advisor to and board member of several nonprofit organizations.

Geoffrey Canada is the Founder of the Harlem Children’s Zone. He represents himself and is not representing the views of the Harlem Child Zone, which does not endorse any candidates for public office. He has endorsed Mike Bloomberg for president.