Broward County Elects New Mayor and Vice Mayor

On November 19, the Broward County Commission unanimously voted for Vice Mayor Dale V.C. Holness, District 9 Commissioner, to serve as Mayor in FY2020, and Commissioner Steve Geller, District 5, to serve as Vice Mayor. New Broward County Mayor Dale V.C.

mayor holnessVice Mayor Dale V.C. Holness, District 9 CommissionerHolness envisions Broward County as “one community moving forward together with prosperity for all.” That’s his theme for the year ahead as a plan is developed for the next 30 years, with goals that will be well-defined and outcomes measured. The 2050 plan will identify specific goals that include addressing unemployment and household income disparity, inequities in the criminal justice system, access to health care, environmental resiliency, and efficient transportation. View the video