Miami-Dade County Commissioners Must Reject Chinese Monorail

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY – The Miami Young Republicans call on Miami-Dade County Commissioners and our other elected officials to oppose the unsolicited bid to build a Chinese monorail between Miami and Miami Beach.

The recently announced unsolicited bid features BYD and Huawei, companies that are sponsored by the Chinese communist regime, received billions of dollars of government subsidies to undercut competitors, stole billions of dollars of US intellectual property, and are integrated with Chinese intelligence and military.

Senator Marco Rubio has long warned about the major threat posed by China. It is imperative that he take the lead in opposing this terrible deal. We call on Sen. Rubio, Sen. Rick Scott, Gov. Ron DeSantis, Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez, Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, and Trump administration officials to join us in opposing this dangerous Chinese bid.

"Miami-Dade County Commissioners must oppose the unsolicited bid for Chinese monorail. No government in Florida or the US should allow Chinese state-sponsored companies in infrastructure, telecommunications, or government contracts because it would threaten US national security, the safety of our residents and visitors who are at risk of Chinese surveillance, and US businesses that are heavily damaged by Chinese IP theft and trade abuses," said Armando Ibarra, President of the Miami Young Republicans.

"The Chinese communist regime uses its state-sponsored companies to export means of control via coercion, surveillance, and economic abuses. It would be an outrageous risk to expose transit infrastructure and millions of annual riders to a company sponsored by a hostile Chinese communist regime that is a threat to global freedom, human rights, the free and open rules-based international order, and our prosperity, especially during a global systemic confrontation and sharply heightening tensions."

"Moreover, the Chinese monorail proposal is an offense to a Miami-Dade community with millions of victims of communism and socialism, to millions of people in Hong Kong who are standing up against abuse and oppression from the Chinese communist regime, and to millions of victims of Chinese re-education and concentration camps."