Andrew Gillum on Committee Approval of Legislation to Arm Florida Teachers

Tallahassee, Fla. — Following the passage of legislation in committee in the Florida Senate that allows Florida teachers to carry a firearm, Andrew Gillum made the following statement: resizeimage 13"Guns have no place in classrooms. The legislation passed today by a Florida Senate committee to allow teachers to carry a gun is misguided and dangerous. 

"We should be paying our teachers what they are worth, not asking them to bring guns into their classrooms. We should be investing in our schools, not adding to the profit margins of the gun lobby. 

"Most importantly, we should be passing laws to end gun violence, not barricading our schools in preparation for the next attack. More guns in schools means more danger to children — it's that simple.

"There is not a single community in this state that has been spared by the epidemic of gun violence. It is long past time for Florida's elected leaders to stand up to the gun lobby and pass common sense gun reform laws, to protect our communities.

"That’s why I am proud to stand with teachers, parents, doctors, and the overwhelming majority of Floridians in opposing this dangerous bill. Florida deserves leaders who will fight to keep children safe from gun violence — not force guns into classrooms."