Sean Shaw Calls for Federal Investigation of ICE Tracking of Pro-Immigrant Protests

Tampa, Fla. — Today, People Over Profits founder and President Sean Shaw called for a federal investigation into the Trump Administration’s tracking of pro-immigrant protestors in New York, and demanded immediate action from Florida Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott.

“Donald Trump is abusing his power, using a government agency to track his perceived political opponents. This is unprecedented in our politics since Richard Nixon. It’s downright dangerous.

“That’s why today I am calling for a federal investigation of ICE’s illegal tracking of pro-immigrant activists.

I call on Senator Scott and Senator Rubio to support an investigation to defend our most fundamental constitutional freedoms. 

“Florida is one of the most diverse states in the nation — a state with a proud history of accepting immigrants. Who knows how deep this wrong-doing goes?  If we have learned anything over the last two years, it is that the answer is worse than we know now.”