This 35-Year-Old Wants To Be The First Black Millennial Elected To Congress

MIAMI, FL --- Voters have a very important decision to make next year as the primaries and mid-term election becomes a reality that could change our dysfunctional political climate. Just don’t tell that to Michael A. Hepburn, the 35-year-old Miamian who’s aiming to become the first Black Millennial elected to serve in the United States House of Representatives. 

Michael A HepburnThe first-ever African American to run for Florida’s 27th Congressional District, is laser-focused on winning each day one-by-one and has been laying down the groundwork needed to accomplish his goal, since knocking on that first door back in February. Ten months later, Hepburn candidacy has transitioned from a radical idea, to an exploratory committee, to now a full-fledged grassroots campaign and political movement heading into 2018. This campaign is different than anything the American people have ever seen because it is grounded in the audacity to Repeal and Replace Congress. Unlike every other candidate running for Congress, Hepburn is one of the founding candidates of Brand New Congress – a national political movement that will run hundreds of candidates (Republicans & Democrats) throughout the United States as one unified team. 

However, the key to Hepburn’s campaign is his platform, which includes universal pre-k to debt free higher education, medicare for all, major infrastructure/mass transit development, and economic justice. Hepburn is confident that he would be a powerful voice not just for millennials, but for seniors, women, and young black men as well.  

“I may not be an aspiring career politician or have a million dollar net-worth but our voices are just as important and need to be seated at the table of government,” said Hepburn.  

Hepburn, a Senior Academic Advisor & Lecturer at the University of Miami, formerly worked as a Fortune 500 Company Executive and Bluechip for the National Football League. He also serves as a Volunteer C.O.P. with the Miami Police Department; Co-Founder of the Allapattah Neighborhood Association; and as a Mentor with DCS Youth Mentoring Program.