Local Leaders Announce Initiatives to Support Floridians Impacted by Federal Government Shutdown

Author  Edna LaRoche

MIRAMAR & HAWTHORNE, Fla. -- Today, Mayor of Miramar and National League of Cities Board Member, Wayne Messam and Mayor of Hawthorne and current President of the Florida League of Mayors, Matthew Surrency, announce their local initiatives in support of federal employees. 

mayor2019Earlier this month, Mayor Messam introduced and unanimously passed a measure before the Miramar City Commission to bring relief to thousands of local federal employees who are impacted by the government shutdown. During this shutdown period, Miramar will waive any water bill late fees and put a prohibition on any water service disconnection for any federal employees who are not being paid for their work. 

Mayor Surrency is working with local organizations to meet the needs of federal employees in the community. The Hawthorne Area Resource Center is a main resource for food and other commodities for anyone during tough times. The Hawthorne City Commission will also take additional action for federal employees that are utility customers at their upcoming commission meeting. 

Statement from Mayor Wayne Messam: "The American people have now waited weeks for the President to end the longest government shutdown in history. This irresponsible standstill is hurting Florida, as over 13,000 federal employees in South Florida go without pay threatening food security for their families. I am proud of our city’s small step towards providing relief and protecting our residents from Washington's breakdown. Now it’s past time for others across the state to use their office for good and help those in their own backyard." 

Statement from Mayor Surrency: “Mayors are closest to the people and often left to find solutions when others are shutdown. Thousands of Floridians are hurting thanks to Washington’s inaction, left unsure how they’ll pay their rent or mortgage or put food on the table. Mayor Messam is leading the way in giving relief to federal employees in his city. All our 412 communities are unique and can find our own way to support each other during our time of need. Together, Miramar & Hawthorne provide examples of how communities large and small can support the federal workers who are the very backbone of so many Florida communities.”