Senator Daphne Campbell District 38 - Constituents Message

Constituents, In Tallahassee, interim committee meetings for the Florida Senate have officially begun! I am looking forward to working with other members of the Senate to create the best legislation for Florida. Regular session convenes January 9th, 2018 and ends March 9th. During regular session, I will be working primarily in the Tallahassee office. However, there will be staff working in the district office to assist with any and all matters. I am confident in their abilities to serve our district effectively.

DAPHNEAs always, the Florida Senate offers a unique program designed to provide youth with insight on how the state government functions. The Senate Page Program welcomes students ages 15-18 to work for one week in Tallahassee during regular session. In addition, the House of Representatives offers a similar program known as the Page and Messenger Program, that allows students ages 13-18 to work for one week during regular session. The deadline to apply to The Senate Page Program is November 3, 2017. The deadline to apply to the House Page and Messenger Program is November 1, 2017. This is a great opportunity for students to participate in the legislative process, and I encourage all who are interested to apply.

The Florida Senate also hosts an Internship program where students work under the Senator and her staff by assisting the Senator in fulfilling her obligations to the public. Currently the Senator has two interns, Kaela Hill, an Economics major at Florida State University and Kennaisiya Miller, a Political Science major at Florida State University. There is no deadline for students to submit application materials as this is a rolling admissions process. Internships are unpaid; however, college students may be able to earn college credits for their internship. This is a great way to become familiar with the legislative process.

During regular session, the Florida Senate also hosts chaplains and physicians to participate in the Minister of the Day and Doctor of the Day programs. Both programs need a chaplain and doctor for each day of regular session. If you are a Minister/Pastor or Physician and are interested in this opportunity, please contact my office. It would be a pleasure and an honor to host you in Tallahassee for this recognition. 

In order to update you all regarding what my activity in Tallahassee and the district, I plan to release a newsletter every two weeks. In addition, the newsletter will contain information about the bills that pass through the Senate. Keeping our district informed about my actions, and the legislature's actions, is a top priority to me!

Lastly, I want to inform you of the Local Funding Initiative process. These requests should be submitted to our office as soon as possible. Forms are available on the Florida Senate website and are posted specifically on the webpage for the Appropriations Committee. Please note that the House of Representatives offers the same opportunities. All information for the Local Funding Initiative process can be found on the Florida House of Representatives website and are posted specifically on the webpage under the tab title Appropriations Project Bills.

Finally, please provide all Appropriation Forms to LaToya Sheals at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or you can contact her at 850-487-5038. For all information relating to the House of Represenatitves, please contact your State Representative to get more details. If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to reach out to my staff, we are happy to assist. I am excited for this upcoming session to begin and to advocate for what is best for our district and state! Thank you! God Bless!

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Daphne Campbell, RN
State Senator, District 38