South Florida NewFM Members Endorse & Engage With Gubernatorial Hopeful Andrew Gillum

Author  Jessica Modkins

New Florida Majority members who recently endorsed Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum for Governor got a chance to deliver the news in person this week as well as ask him some direct questions about his vision for free and fair Florida for all people.

WithDario002Gillum spoke about housing, education and climate change as he sat with members and staff, including NewFM Executive Director Andrea Mercado and Political Director Dwight Bullard for a little over an hour Monday afternoon at NewFM’s offices in Miami Shores.

“New Florida Majority has endorsed Andrew Gillumn because we believe that [he] is a bold, unapologetic progressive leader that we need to take Florida forward,” said Mercado at the close of the press conference. “We truly believe that with Andrew Gillum as Governor of the State of Florida, it will bring a new Florida into being, one that advances equity for all creates a state where all of our families and communities can thrive.”

It was a moment and an endorsement that Gillum cherished. 

“I am honored to have the support of New Florida Majority. I am honored to have you as fighters and partners in this [political] process,” said Mayor Gillum. “....It means alot. And I want your members to know that I promise to do everything that I can to make you exceedingly proud of having made the decision and choice to get behind me as the next Governor of the state of Florida. 

Rachel Johnson of Ft. Lauderdale asked Gillum about his views on housing and how his Administration would deliver on the promise of a home when so many politicians have said one thing and done another. 

“Mayor, I trust you. You the truth for me. I’ve seen you in action,” said Johnson. “The thing is that it is very important that whatever you say that you are going to do, you do it….I can’t say that enough.”

WholeCrowdClaudia Toboada went to last week’s debate and expressed how impressed by the candidate’s performance, as well as his personal story. Asking her question in Spanish, she wanted to hear about Mayor Gillum’s ideas on bringing the state together, especially at a time when it seems like regions seem so different from each other. 

“Taking into account the differences and similarities between North and South Florida and the oversize role that South Florida plays in state politics, what policies come to mind for you that take into account the diversity of the state,”  asked the Argentinian born resident of Ft. Lauderdale.”

While Colombia-born Hollywood, Fl resident Dario Zapata didn’t get a chance to ask Gillum his question during the event, he did manage to have a discussion with the gubernatorial hopeful afterwards. He too walked away impressed by the candidate after asking  him about the role of smart government in an age where corporate power often overwhelms local government, and practical ways that common people can make a change.

“Andrew Gillum came across as a very structured and knowledgeable person on political and social aspects as well in the details of each,” said Zapata. “He’s aware of the regional differences in the state of Florida and his experience and charisma shows him to be an ideal candidate for the people in these troubled political times.”