Election Season Update - Andrew Gillum in the spotlight

The members of BOMA  met Andrew Gillum, Mayor of Tallahassee, Florida and candidate for Governor of Florida to A learn about his take on some serious issues,


  1. Healthcare - too many people Florida are not covered, he wants to do more to have more Floridians covered.
  2. Immigration - He immigrant families have contributed to our economy and they should be treated fairly and with respect, without having to demonize people of color.
  3. He noted that he is ready to continue his challenge and believes he can win if people hear his message and get out and vote. To do that, it means he has to reach more of those that are willing to vote - but feel disconnected

According to a recent poll by Gravis Marketing,  Gillum has taken the lead at 29% with Philip Levine falling to third place at 17% and Gwen Graham rebounding to 24% in second place. Gillum appears to have weathered some damaging news cycles and is now leading the pack as voters are possibly responding well to his recent debate performance, though the June 9th debate was towards the end of the field period for this poll.

“Gillum is clearly performing well in the debates and Democratic primary voters are taking notice” said Gravis Marketing Managing Partner Doug Kaplan.  “The progressive wing of the party is behind him in this very close race between Gillum, Graham and Levine.

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