Curbelo’s Work in Washington: $$$ For the Keys, Tax Reform = Jobs, Protecting Florida’s Funding Priorities, Bipartisan Efforts Recognized

Here’s what’s been happening in the office of Representative Carlos Curbelo (FL-26): $$$ FOR THE KEYS: Last week, Carlos welcomed announcements for two federal grants for projects in the Florida Keys, a $4.1 million Department of Transportation grant for residential noise mitigation measures around Key West International Airport and a $1.5 million Department of Health and Human Services grant for Rural Health Network of Monroe County. Both grants were made possible by passage of H.R. 244, “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2017,” legislation supported by Carlos.

CarlosTAX REFORM = JOBS:  As a member of the Ways and Means Committee, Carlos participated in the first in a series of hearings regarding comprehensive, permanent tax reform. He asked panelists questions about the impact tax reform would have on the South Florida economy and the importance of reform for American workers who have not benefited from the economic recovery. Learn more here.

PROTECTING FLORIDA PRIORITIES: Last week the House of Representatives passed a funding bill for the federal government for the remainder of the fiscal year. Carlos fought to ensure several South Florida priorities made it in, including $10 million in Everglades restoration funding and $100,000 in pre-disaster mitigation, funding for the National Marine Sanctuaries in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Budget, $100,000,000 for National Pre-Disaster Mitigation funds under FEMA, and secured funding for the Army Corps of Engineers to continue working on Florida Keys Water Quality Improvement Program, all programs Carlos had advocated for earlier this year and has continually led on. Additionally, the bill allocates a pay increase for military service members and funding of the Defense Health Program. Learn more here.  

BIPARTISAN EFFORTS RECOGNIZED: Carlos was named the 11th Most Bipartisan Member of Congress by the Lugar Center and Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy Bipartisan Index. “Now more than ever we need Members of Congress who are willing to reach across the aisle and work together to find common ground to address the challenges facing our constituents.” Carlos said. Learn more about the Bipartisan Index and see the full list of bills Carlos has sponsored with a Democratic co-sponsor here.

carlos2FL-26 IN THE NEWS: Carlos took PBS Newshour along with him during a recent visit to South Dade local business that is the first ever fully solar- and wind-powered farm stand in Miami-Dade County. Carlos was featured in the program as a rising Republican voice calling for action on climate change issues. Learn more here.

THE PROMISE TO IMPROVE OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM: Following his vote to move a bill reforming our healthcare system to the Senate, Carlos shared his thoughts on the process and the status of the reform in an op-ed in the Miami Herald. “I made a promise that I would fight for better healthcare for our country, for a market-based system where Americans, not special interests, are in control and can make the best healthcare choices for themselves and their families,” Carlos wrote. Read the full op-ed here.

A WIN FOR PARIS-AGREEMENT SUPPORTERS: U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson signed the Fairbanks Declaration, a joint statement with Arctic countries that acknowledged the effects of pollution and climate change in the region and noted the entry into force of the Paris Agreement. Carlos joined with fellow Co-Chair of the Climate Solutions Caucus, Representative Ted Deutch (FL-22) to commend Tillerson’s pledge of multilateral action on climate change. “It is significant the former-Chief Executive Officer of the world’s largest oil company recognizes the threat climate change poses, and I commend Secretary Tillerson for his steadfast advocacy,” Carlos said. Read their full statements here.

A YOUTH-FILLED FUTURE:  Rep. Curbelo emboldened the educational barriers that  American youth often encounter in their search for post-secondary workforce options. Curbelo sought insight from three panelists on the resolutions policymakers can propose to expand opportunities for American youth. Watch the full exchange here

carlos3CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM: In response to recent policy change by Attorney General Jeff Sessions that directs prosecutors to pursue the most severe penalties possible. Carlos condemned the move as a step backward that diminish our criminal justice system and will hurt American taxpayers.

MADURO & HIS THUGS ON NOTICE: Following the announcement the U.S. would be sanctioning the eight judges of Venezuela’s Supreme Court that recently stripped theNational Assembly of its powers, Carlos commended the President and his Administration for the strong message of solidarity with the freedom-loving people of Venezuela “With these new sanctions, this Administration is putting Nicolas Maduro and his thugs on notice,” Curbelo said. “The United States will no longer stand by and watch Maduro twist and manipulate the Venezuelan constitution so he can continue to violate the human rights of the people of Venezuela.” Learn more here.

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