The People's Progressive Caucus of Miami-Dade Condemns the Hypocrisy DNC Chair Tom Perez

Author  William Byatt

Last week, Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez showed himself for a hypocrite by contradicting himself. After spending a year claiming to want unity with progressives and asserting that the top levels of the Democratic Party should stay neutral in Democratic primaries, Tom Perez endorsed incumbent New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in his bid for re-election against progressive stalwart Cynthia Nixon.

This is unacceptable hypocrisy. Just weeks ago, Chairman Perez declined the opportunity endorse Stacey Abrams to help elect America's first black woman governor on the grounds that he wouldn't involve himself in primaries.

Seems like he will keep his word on remaining neutral, unless, of course, it's a primary that involves a long-time corporate Democrat, with deep ties to mega-donors, who represents the dynastic elements of our Party.

The Board of the People's Progressive Caucus of Miami-Dade strongly condemns this hypocrisy. Furthermore, we call on other Democratic Party organizations and institutions to do the same; in particular we call on the Miami-Dade Democratic Executive Committee, the Florida Democratic Party, and the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida to pass resolutions of condemnation and censure.

On Tuesday, June 12, the Miami-Dade DEC will be holding a general body meeting, where many of our members will be joining together to raise a motion of censure against Chairman Perez.