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This is just the beginning

When I first announced 18 months ago that I would run for mayor of Miami-Dade County, I said it would be an uphill battle. I told everyone we were David fighting Goliath.

I am very proud of our campaign and the positive conversation we have startedabout how we can improve efficiency and transparency and accountability at County Hall. A conversation that I will continue to participate in.

I want to thank everyone who voted, helped and/or volunteered for Team Raquel for their unwavering encouragement, support, friendship and dedication. This has truly been a collective effort. There are too many people to name individually, but I will reach out to you personally in the coming weeks to thank you myself.

The results of Tuesday's election show that 375,900 people in Miami-Dade voted for change. I hope that Mayor Gimenez works towards the issues that the residents themselves brought up during the campaign.

I’m not going anywhere.

I am and will remain dedicated to forging a better Miami-Dade County. I know we can do better and I want to have my children grow up in a community that provides them with opportunities.

I will continue to fight for them, for you, for us. I will continue to promote our community’s priorities. I will continue to watch what happens at County Hall and voice my concern and bring forces together to fight the special interests that have taken hold.

In the coming weeks and months, you will hear from me again as I mount efforts to put measures on the ballot that will change our county government. We should elect our supervisor of elections, as they do in the other 67 counties in Florida. And we must pass campaign finance reform to ensure that the decisions at county hall are made in the best interests of residents and not of special interests.

Our county government may not have changed this Tuesday, but we have changed the way our community engages with it. We forced an incumbent with 12 years under his belt and $10 million in the bank into a runoff. And still, 375,900 people voted against him. Today we have a community that better understands the role of the mayor and hopefully one that will demand accountability. This is not an end but a beginning.

Thank you for all the love and support,