Black Owned Media Alliance Releases Political Endorsement For November 8th General Election

MIAMI – October 25, 2016 – The Black Owned Media Alliance (BOMA) is pleased to announce their general election recommendations. Organization President, Dexter Bridgeman, says that there is a level of accountability that the Black Media has to oblige. “Here at BOMA, we embrace the opportunity to propose to our community the individuals that we feel will best represent our community. The endorsements we have selected for the general election will assist our community in making an informed decision at the polls.” The candidates are as follows:

Hillary Clinton:
Our endorsement for Presidency of the United States is for Hillary Clinton. Her more than thirty years in public service with specific experience as a Secretary of State in the Obama administration and a First Lady in the White House gives her first hand experience in dealing with issues involving foreign and domestic policies.

Patrick Murphy:
Patrick Murphy has the support of President Barack Obama. He has done a very credible job as a US Congressman and his political track record has been impressive. Although Murphy comes from great wealth he considers himself an ordinary man and is very in touch with his constituents.

Dwight Bullard:
As an educator Dwight Bullard has fought tirelessly for educational issues in the State. His public service includes serving in the House as well as the Senate. Bullard is a no nonsense legislator who is widely respected by his colleagues as well as his constituents. As the son of distinguished public servants he knows what it takes to connect with the people. Dwight Bullard is a champion for justice and equality. He has earned our support to serve as Senator of the redrawn Senate District 40.

Mayor Carlos Gimenez:
Mayor Carlos Gimenez has implemented major initiatives of great benefit to our community. Even before the tragedy and unrest in Ferguson, Gimenez was working on bringing police body cameras to Miami-Dade County. Today our officers are equipped with the body camera technology. With the complete demolition and rebuilding of beautiful residences at Liberty Square, families will experience a quality of life second to none. This massive and long overdue endeavour will have generational impact on the people who live there. Mayor Gimenez has been a supporter of the Commissioners that represent predominantly African American districts and has earned the endorsement of several of them. These strong relationships are crucial to moving our communities forward. BOMA endorses Carlos Gimenez as Mayor of Miami-Dade County.

Steve Gallon:
Dr. Steve Gallon has an extensive and successful educational trajectory in Miami-Dade county and nationwide. For 25 years, Gallon has been passionate about fighting for the children and his dedication, honesty, and integrity go without question. Steve Gallon is the most qualified and respected candidate for our schools and our children. BOMA endorses Steve Gallon for School Board, District 1.

Oscar Rodriguez-Fonts:
As a volunteer with The Redemption Project, which helps ex-offenders with sealing and expunging criminal records and to assist in having their rights restored, Oscar Rodriguez-Fonts recognizes the impact this issue has on the community we serve. His commitment to public service is also demonstrated as a volunteer with Camillus House to help the homeless and the poorest members of our community transition to a new life and self-sufficiency. These attributes combined with his extensive legal experience make him our choice for Circuit Court Judge / Group 52.

Mark Blumstein:
With a stellar legal and military background Mark Blumstein has a lot to offer. Blumstein has criminal, civil, family, probate and international law experience. This diverse legal background along with his reputation of compassion tempered with firmness makes him a worthy candidate for the bench. BOMA endorses Mark Blumstein for Circuit Court Judge / Group 34.

Ian Richards:
Richards was the first African-American judge to be elected countywide in Broward County Florida. He presided over "State of Florida v. John Reasee", in which Richards jumped over his bench to protect a witness who was being attacked by the man against whom she had testified. He had a stellar record as a judge and he deserves our support to assure that he regains his place on the bench.


The Black Owned Media Alliance (BOMA) was established in the summer of 2015 by Dexter A. Bridgeman in collaboration with Tony Lesesne, Woodie Lesesne, Jessica Garrett Modkins, Garth Reeves, Debra Toomer, Sandy Walker, and Peter Webley to bond forces of common interest for the promotion, development, longevity, empowerment, and financial stability of Black owned media in South Florida. Additionally, BOMA is committed to accuracy in reporting while providing the market we serve with fair and balanced coverage.

The objective of our organization is to address the disparity that exists in advertisement spending with Black Owned Media. There must be a fair and balanced approach for the dissemination of advertising dollars to Black owned media in South Florida and to create awareness amongst the advertising community of the spending power of the Black dollar in South Florida.

MEMBER NAME                             ORGANIZATION

Guylene Berry                                 Sak Pase Media
Dexter Bridgeman                           MIA Media Group
Jesse Coleman                               Starline Media Group (Video Mixx TV)
Tony & Woodie  Lesesne                Lesesne Media Group Entertainment
Jessica Garrett Modkins                Hip Rock Star Advertising
Tamara Philippeaux                        Island TV
Garth Reeves                                The Miami Times
Bishop Victor Curry                        WMBM
Sandy Walker                                 The Gospel Truth Magazine
Peter Webley                                  Caribbean Today

Author  Crystal D. Cameron