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Hazelle Rogers Votes to Deliver Unemployment Compensation Tax Relief

Rep. Hazelle Rogers
With job creation and retention at the top of their agenda for the 2010 session of the Florida Legislature, Florida House members voted unanimously in support of House Bill 7033, a measure that aims to recharge Florida’s economy by giving businesses immediate relief from unemployment compensation tax increases.

On a 117-0 vote, Representative Hazelle Rogers (D-Lauderhill) joined her colleagues to approve the bill, the first measure to be heard during the 2010 legislative session.

Representative Rogers believes the bill will help over 20 million people who are currently unemployed by providing them extended benefits and business will be better able to budget for the unemployment insurance rate. The adjustment in the current rate would have been devastating for businesses throughout the state. This bill and the reduction that it provides will help prevent further layoffs.

Representative Rogers introduced House Bill 1311, the Small Business Incentives bill, which will allow for the unbundling of government contracts and enable small businesses to compete for smaller-sized contracts.

“I’m committed to helping create a brighter future for Florida’s small business,” Representative Rogers said.