Tallahassee, FL — Today marks exactly 200 days since President Obama wrote a letter to Congress urging the passage of $1.9 billion in emergency funding to combat Zika. During this period, Marco Rubio has continued to back Republican ‘poison pills’ designed to score political points during the crisis. As Zika spread in Florida, Rubio was voting to ensure that any relief measure also included provisions to cut Planned Parenthood funding and protect the display of the Confederate flag.
TALLAHASSEE — Gainesville police released a video and new details Wednesday that sheds more light on the alleged battery ast Saturday involving state Rep. Keith Perry and a man who was taking down one of his campaign signs. The video shows Perry striking the man in the neck in front of a house after a Gators football game.
Together for Florida is launching a new effort to lead recruitment and outreach to the growing number of Republicans and Independents in the state who are stepping forward to endorse Hillary Clinton for president. This latest list of Florida GOP leaders join the endorsements of lifelong Republicans including Cuban-American businessman Mike Fernandez, and former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez.
CORAL GABLES, FL - Governor Jeb Bush today announced his endorsement of John Couriel for Florida State House District 114, the district in which they both reside. "Having known John since he was a college student, I'm delighted that I get to vote for him to be my state representative," Governor Bush said. "He speaks with clarity and optimism about the challenges we face as a community and nation: promoting economic opportunity for all, making our kids career-ready, and making health care more affordable and transparent.
Miami, FL – On Saturday, September 10, former Texas State Senator Wendy Davis and Florida State Representative candidate Daisy Baez stopped by a voter registration event at the Clinton campaign office in Wynwood to discuss why they support for Hillary Clinton in this election. Before a crowd of supporters, campaign organizers and Planned Parenthood volunteers, Senator Davis discussed the importance of electing Hillary Clinton and Democrats up and down the ticket who will fight to protect women's access to health care, close the pay gap and fight for paid family leave. In contrast, Donald Trump has asserted that guaranteeing paid family leave would make America less competitive and consistently insulted, criticized, and demeaned women.
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