Orlando, Florida – The Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida is proud to announce the endorsement of Democratic Presidential Nominee Secretary Hillary Clinton for President of the United States and US Senator Tim Kaine Candidate for Vice President. We stand by them because of their unwavering support for the Latino Community in issues concerning the economy, job creation, raising the minimum wage to $15.00 dollars an hour, comprehensive immigration reform, health care, education, social security benefits, civil rights, and equality for all.
Doral - We are excited to announce during our August Republican Executive Committee meeting, we will be conducting a straw poll for the U.S. Senate Race. Republican Executive Committee members will be eligible to vote for one of the four Republicans on the ballot.
Today while campaigning in Florida, Hillary Clinton responded to Donald Trump's speech from earlier in the day laying out his economic plans. His plan will cause damage to the American economy and hurt working families, while propping up the wealthiest Americans, Wall Street and largest corporations.
PHILADELPHIA--When Pres. Barack Obama addressed hundreds of thousands of people at the Democratic National Convention here on Wednesday night, he implored Americans that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is the only one qualified to serve as U.S. President. He also mapped out briefly what he had done on health care, marriage equality and criminal justice for the last eight years, and slammed Republican nominee Donald Trump as "not really a plans guy" and "not really a facts guy."
News Americas, RALEIGH, NC, Fri. July 29, 2016: The North Carolina GOP arm has egg on its face after being forced to apologize for ignorantly claiming Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Tim Kaine was wearing a flag pin of Honduras during his national address Wednesday night. The state party arm was quick to slam Senator Kaine for being “shameful.” 
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