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ORLANDO, FLORIDA. – The Orlando based Florida Civil Rights Association (FCRA) announced today that it is in the process of creating new local branches of the State Civil Rights Association in Tallahassee, Palm Beach, Polk, Hardee and Orange Counties in recognition of Black History Month.Over the past five (5) years, the work and demands for assistance from the Florida Civil Rights Association has steadily increased in communities across the state, said J Willie David, III, President of the Florida Civil Rights Association. "We have received complaints from an increasing number of individuals who are dealing with discrimination in job, public accommodations, housing, and in other areas," the State Civil Rights Chief said. "These and the issues of police brutality continue to escalate. They need additional attention at the local level," said David.
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz made the following statement regarding today's announcement by President Obama that the Eastern Gulf will not be considered for drilling through 2017: “Today’s announcement that the Obama administration is removing the Eastern Gulf from consideration for potential oil and gas drilling through 2017 is welcome news for the people of Florida.  This is a smart, common-sense approach that will protect Florida’s $65 billion-a-year tourism industry, which relies on pristine beaches and clean water for boating and sport fishing.
.At their October 21, 2010 meeting, the Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Governing Board recognized outgoing Commissioner Katy Sorenson for her dedication of service towards the betterment of the community by declaring, by proclamation, October 21, 2010 as “The Honorable Katy Sorenson Day”. Commissioner Sorenson stated, “I am honored to receive this recognition from this Board that I have had the privilege to serve on. The work of the MPO is critical for this community, and I am very pleased that they have chosen to acknowledge me in this manner.”