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Robaina: “Miami-Dade Transit requires new leadership and strong oversight.” One of the issues that raise serious concerns about the systematic lack of accountability in Miami-Dade County is the crisis at Miami-Dade Transit. The County’s entrenched bureaucracy and lack of both leadership and courage by the County’s elected officials has allowed the pillaging of taxpayer dollars and the Federal Transit Administration to lose confidence in the County’s management of our transit system.  Former Commissioner Carlos Gimenez served for five years on the County Commission’s Transportation Committee, which has oversight of Miami-Dade Transit. From February, 2009 until April 2011 Commissioner Gimenez served as its Vice-Chair. The former Commissioner is now promising to do what he wouldn’t for the past five years saying that he will exert “leadership” to handle the serious issues at transit if elected Mayor. 
.May 7- Yesterday the Florida House approved a measure to protect doctors who serve and educate in public teaching hospitals by extending the state’s sovereign immunity. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Frank Artiles (R-Miami), positively impacts the University of Miami’s not for profit medical school and Jackson Memorial Hospital. The bill could affect other public teaching hospitals in the future, if they enter into comparable affiliation agreements with medical schools. “Teaching hospitals play a vital role in our state and it was an honor to sponsor this commendable bill,” Rep. Frank Artiles stated. “After spending countless hours working with the University of Miami and many weeks moving the bill through committees, I am proud to report a tremendous success to my community.”
Legislation that will prohibit students from wearing clothing that exposes their undergarments or that indecently exposes their body parts while at school could soon become the law in Florida. Senate Bill 228, sponsored by Senator Gary Siplin, D-Orlando, and Rep. Hazelle Rogers, D-Lauderhill, passed out of the Florida House on Wednesday, after having been voted unanimously out of the Florida Senate on March 24th. Sen. Siplin, who has introduced similar legislation in previous years, said the bill is designed to teach our children discipline and respect for themselves and others.
 The Chief Financial Officer for the City of Miami has settled charges that he violated the Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics Ordinance for failing to file the required financial disclosure forms for the past three years – 2007, 2008 and 2009. Larry Spring agreed to pay a fine of $500 to the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust for the first count of the complaint (C 11-02), will accept a letter of instruction and will provide proof that he has filed accurate financial statements for the three years to satisfy the remaining counts.A final count in a complaint (CO 09-11) against South Miami City Commissioner Valerie Newman was dismissed with prejudice today. Former City Manager W. Ajibola Balogun accused Newman of violating that city’s Code of Conduct. Earlier this year, the Ethics Commission concluded there was insufficient evidence to proceed on Counts 2 through 10. The remaining first count charged the commissioner of repeatedly using threatening and intimidating language, but that was difficult to prove. Additionally, the City’s Code of Conduct was repealed last June. The Ethics Commission will send a Letter of Instruction regarding elected officials’ behavior, as outlined in the Citizen’s Bill of Rights.