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Broward County Commissioners have passed a landmark Code of Ethics that will govern the conduct of all elected officials, including city officials in Broward’s 31 municipalities. This is the first time that County and City elected officials will be governed by one uniform code of ethics.  The code is stringent and places restrictions on outside employment, gifts, procurement procedures and fundraising. There are also rules that require full financial disclosure and create venues for easy public inspection of lobbyist interaction with elected officials. Some rules will apply to elected officials, their family members, staff and spouse or registered domestic partner. The Code of Ethics expands the current code that was adopted last year and governed only County Commissioners and, in some instances, their family members and staff. 
Another Caribbean American has declared his intent to enter the United States political arena. Jamaican-born businessman Chris Ziadie, 45, said he plans to run for the District 3 seat on the City Commission in Pembroke Pines, a South Florida community with a significant Caribbean American population. The election for the seat is due in Mar. 2012.   “I’m running because our district does not have good representation,” Ziadie said recently. ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢â€šÂ¬Ã…“These people don’t know how to run a budget.” Ziadie, who migrated to South Florida in the late 1970s, claims to have more than 27 years of business management/consulting experience and to have worked for several Fortune 500 companies. 
U.S. Department of Agriculture Deputy Assistant Secretary Fred Pfaeffle and State Representative Dwight Bullard held a joint roundtable discussion with members from the agricultural communities of South Florida to consider various issues affecting minorities in the local industry.Secretary Pfaeffle’s address highlighted an allocation of approximately $1.3 billion by the federal government to compensate Hispanic and women farmers and ranchers who have been denied access to farm loans between 1981 and 2000. The Black Farmers Discrimination Litigation Settlement and claim procedures were also addressed.
President Obama thundered to the throngs at the recent LGBT Leadership Council fundraising bash in New York. “I believe that gay couples deserve the same legal rights as every couple in the country,” he said. This was not hyperbole that he had to shout to one of the country’s most prominent, and influential gay rights groups to get gay activists off his back about his opposition to gay marriage. Despite the withering heat he has taken for that opposition, Obama has been the best friend that gays have ever had in the White House.