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Miami, FL – It was show-and-tell on Friday morning as Miami-Dade County Commissioner Barbara J. Jordan met Helen Edmond as she inspected enhancements made to her home as a result of the Beautification Program administered by the county’s Community Action and Human Services Department. Commissioner Jordan congratulated homeowners who qualified to take part in the program. “The District One Home Beautification Program helps enhance the value of homes in our neighborhoods,” said Commissioner Jordan. “The program is designed to assist homeowners who otherwise would not be able to afford investing in the upkeep of their homes.”
Miami, FL – The quick thinking of a husband and wife duo and a crane operator who happened to be in the vicinity, helped save the life of Shon Lee Barthell on May 2, 2012. For their heroism, Miami-Dade County Commissioner Barbara J. Jordan honored them recently with a commendation during the Commission meeting on July 19. Maria Tang, Manuel Tang and Charlie Byrdo sprang into action when Barthell swerved to avoid a black Mercedes Benz that ran a traffic light. Barthell’s truck overturned, hit a tree and burst into flames.
Vice Chairwoman Audrey M. Edmonson helped inaugurate The Beacon, 1000 NW 1st Avenue, in Miami on July 11, 2012. Located in the heart of Overtown across the way from the historic Lyric Theatre, the 90 LEED-certified units also offer access to after-school and youth empowerment programs, intergenerational activities, and more programs designed to help working families. In addition, the public-private partnership with Carlisle Development includes donated space to the non-profit URGENT, Inc., which provides social services, education, training and affordable housing, and targets neighborhoods in Overtown, Liberty City, Little Haiti and Goulds. URGENT, Inc. initiatives include pregnancy prevention, skills development, career internships, case management, and other programs.
Broward County Supervisor of  Elections, Dr. Brenda C. Snipes,  would like to inform all Broward Voters that they will be receiving a new voter information card in the mail shortly, due to recent redistricting updates. Every 10 years, Florida re-draws its districts for Congress, state Senate and House districts, and County Commission. This is what is called redistricting.  Redistricting ensures that about the same number of people live in each district and, as a result, each person is equally represented in our government.