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The GOP’s response to President Obama's first post re-election State of the Union Address in some ways will be markedly different than in its response to his prior addresses. But in one way it will be the same. Its blatant frontal assault on him didn’t work for four years. So this time the GOP’s rebuttal will be softer and gentler in tone and theme. But underneath the flowery rhetoric, the GOP‘s relentless attack on his policies is still very much in place. The party that is desperately trying to find some way, anyway, to rebound from the November losses, is banking on their rising star Florida Senator Marco Rubio to soft sell its attack ploy. Rubio will hit the usual GOP fall back themes of freedom, liberty, and free enterprise, restrained spending, and add a new wrinkle, responsible immigration reform.
Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-FL)  led 15 fellow Members of Congress in introducing a resolution calling for specific actions to stop the emergency of gender-based violence in Haiti.  After the January 2010 earthquake -- which claimed up to 220,000 lives -- Haiti experienced a striking increase in the incidence of gender-based violence.  According to a recent study, 14 percent of earthquake-affected households reported at least one member being victimized by sexual violence since 2010.  Congresswoman Wilson offered the following statement: â€œGender-based violence is an emergency in Haiti today. But, thankfully, through smart policy and the strength and courage of Haitian women, it's a situation that's within our power to change.
(Miami-Dade County, FL) – In a moving ceremony surrounded by family, friends, and residents, County Commissioner Lynda Bell was formally sworn –in as Vice Chair of the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners by Miami-Dade County Court Judge, the Hon. Gladys Perez. 
Thank you! As I enter this new chapter in my professional life, I thank God for bestowing his many Blessings upon me and my family - for through his infinite Grace, all things are made possible and nothing is insurmountable. No matter the obstacles.  I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our highly esteemed Chairwoman, Rebeca Sosa, for nominating me and entrusting me to discharge the duties which this important post requires.