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Following Mitt Romney's troubling comments last week on education, State Rep. and teacher Dwight Bullard today released the following statement: “While holding a charter school roundtable in Pennsylvania yesterday, Mitt Romney told teachers that smaller class sizes actually 'hurt' education, despite their firsthand classroom experiences telling them otherwise. Mitt Romney seems to think he knows better than our nation’s teachers which class sizes are better for their students.
Vice Chairwoman Audrey M. Edmonson emphasized the importance of voting at "The Black Church Votes: From Motivation to Mobilization," held April 29, 2012 at the 93rd Street Community Baptist Church. 
United States Congresswoman Frederica Wilson has received the Friend of Haiti Award for her work on behalf of the Haitian community - both in the Caribbean nation and South Florida. The award was presented here during Haiti’s “Week of the Diaspora” last month. “It is a humbling honor to be recognized for my work on behalf of the Haitian people, and I will continue to be there for them as they rebuild,” said Wilson.
Building on her successful “Work Days” program, Commissioner Lynda Bell recently toured Silver Wings Aerospace, Inc., and the Sea Hunter Boat Company, in her unwavering commitment to recognize small businesses in her District, learn about the continuing challenges they face in this depressed economy and what local government can do to help them succeed. Moreover, Commissioner Bell is also working with the Beacon council to help provide incentives to small businesses like these so they can grow and thrive in the South Dade area.  These two, family-owned, small commercial businesses, owned by the Montalvo Family, have proven themselves to their respective industries and are successfully creating top of the line products for their customers, as well as creating quality, much-needed jobs for our residents, despite one of the worst economic climates on record.