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The Miami-Dade County Elections Department will be conducting a thorough examination of its voting equipment in preparation for the upcoming August 24 Primary Election. â€œPrior to each and every election, we thoroughly test our equipment by replicating Election Day conditions,” said Supervisor of Elections Lester Sola. “This is just one of the many extensive efforts we undertake to ensure that the voting equipment is ready for use.”
Katie Edwards, a Democratic candidate for State House District 119, outraised her Republican opponent for the third consecutive fundraising cycle. A Tea Party and an NPA candidate lag far behind in fund raising.The contest to replace term-limited Republican, Juan C. Zapata, will be decided during the November 2nd General Election. This is Edwards' first bid for public office, while Republican Frank Artiles has run and lost three times before.
This August 24th the Primary Elections features congressional, state, judicial, school board, county commission, and municipal candidates, and important county and city issues. Voting is the best and most impactful way for residents to have a say in issues that affect them, as well as in selecting government leaders. However, to vote in the August 24, 2010 Primary Election residents must be registered to vote with the Miami-Dade Elections Department by July 26, 2010.
Florida House District 119 candidate Katie Edwards (D-Homestead) today criticized the Florida House of Representative leadership for missing an "opportunity to protect South Florida's economy" from the dangers of near-shore oil drilling and challenged Republican candidate Frank Artiles to "tell voters where he stands" on the issue.