Not only is she a singer, actress, entrepreneur, ambassador extraordinaire and non-profit founder and education advocate, but now you can add get out the vote advocate, clap-back expert and Caribbean Warrior Queen.
New Florida Majority and other hundreds of volunteers statewide are calling voters in every county Miami, FL - As the final votes are being counted and the chances of recounts for several races are growing stronger, all provisional ballots must be confirmed today. All voters who submitted provisional ballots must confirm their vote in order for it to be counted. Voters have until 5pm today to fax, send a personal email of show up in person at the SOE to confirm they submitted a provisional ballot. (See list of SOEs and copy of letter to fax below) .
NEW YORK, NY - In a move which provoked outrage amongst observers, U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted that “gang members” and “bad people” were heading to the United States border, describing the alleged movement of people as an ” invasion” and that “the military is waiting for you.”
NEW YORK, NY - The count-down is on to the much-anticipated Nov. 6th mid-term election, with early voting beginning in several states across the U.S., including in Florida, where Caribbean nationals make up a large percentage of the state.
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