Andrea Cristina Mercado, director of the New Florida Vision PAC, says, “Andrew Gillum showed tonight he has the lived experience, the clear vision, and the best plan for Florida. We have the numbers and the power to win. Voters of color and progressives are the majority in the Democratic party, we’re not sitting this primary out. We're ready for change in Florida."
HIALEAH, Fla. - Key issues facing South Florida voters will be the hot topic of discussion on Aug. 2, as Republican candidates gather at a forum hosted by the Federated Republican Women of North Dade (FRWND).
With one month left before the Democratic primary, the newly formed New Florida Vision PAC is adding to the momentum building for Gillum, with an independent campaign knocking on doors, reaching voters by phone and text and taking to the airwaves to make sure Florida’s African-American, Haitian, and Latino voters know that there’s a candidate from the community and for the community on the ballot on August 28th.
North Miami Beach, FL - Robert Dempster, Union Steward for Communications Workers of America Local 3122 and progressive activist, has filed to run for Mayor of North Miami Beach.
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