The Director of the Miami-Dade Police Department was honored to swear in 139 new officers this week. The entire community should be pleased to know that these men and women stepped forward to serve this community, during this challenging time in our national history. Law enforcement officers are being held to the highest standards of conduct and ethics, and we know that this most recent class of officers will continue the tradition of excellent service and professionalism that has been the hallmark of the Miami-Dade Police Department. I am proud of each and every one of these officers for making this commitment to our community.
Miami, Florida—Reps. Carlos Curbelo (FL-26), Diaz-Balart (FL-25), and Wilson (FL-24) held a press conference at Miami International Airport to discuss the Zika funding passage which passed the House last night. "This is a great victory for our community, and we achieved it by working together. I witnessed all of the Florida delegation—every day that we were in session—talking to colleagues from all over the country and explaining to them that this is not only a major public health crisis for South Florida, but also an economic crisis.
MIAMI, FL – Today Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson joined Republican Congressmen Carlos Curbelo and Mario Diaz-Balart at a press conference to applaud the passage of a continuing resolution that includes $1.1 billion to combat the Zika virus. The funding is part of a stopgap spending bill to keep the federal government open through December 9. Congresswoman Wilson has been at the forefront of the fight for Zika funding since July, when the first local transmissions were confirmed in Wynwood, which is in the heart of her district.
News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. Sept. 27, 2016: A Caribbean-American New York politician is responding to racist hate mail by holding a discussion on racial inequality in America. New York City Councilman Jumaane Williams, whose roots extend to Grenada, has been targeted with racist hate mail since he refused in protest, like NFL Player Colin Kaepernick, to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance in protest of the rise of cases of discrimination in the US including police brutality.
News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. Sept. 27, 2016: NBC Nightly News Host Lester Holt had the honor of being the first moderator of the first U.S. Presidential debate of this election cycle. But not only did Holt drop the ball with poor moderating skills where he consistently lost control of the debate, but his questions too were pitiful at best and completely ignored one of the hottest issue that Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has made central to his campaign – immigration.
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