Issues statement on Brownsville drive-by shooting.  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Miami; Sept. 24, 2016) – Miami-Dade School Board Member and mayoral candidate Raquel Regalado has issued the following statement in response to more tragic and needless shooting deaths in our community – a drive-by in Brownsville that claimed two lives. “This tragic loss of life, another horrific incident of young men being gunned down in a barrage of bullets at a private residence, will leave their families asking why for the remainder of their lives. We must pray for these families, that they may one day find peace. For peace to rain down upon them, justice must be swift.
Constitutional Court’s Decision to strip Citizenship from Dominicans of Foreign Descent. Today marks the third anniversary of the Dominican Constitutional Court’s decision to strip the hundreds of thousands of Dominicans of foreign descent of their citizenship, the majority of whom are of Haitian descent. They are also being denied the legal rights and protections to which they were previously entitled. The court’s decision has created a devastating human rights crisis and an unprecedented level of statelessness. It is particularly devastating for children who can no longer attend school or seek medical care.
Washington, D.C.—Today, the House Education and the Workforce Committee marked-up, H.R. 5963, the Supporting Youth Opportunity and Preventing Delinquency Act:  “It’s important to provide our at-risk youth and juveniles an opportunity to succeed. Unfortunately, whether they are born into circumstances they can’t control or make misguided decisions that steer them off course, these kids often don’t know that they have options to build successful, fulfilling lives. Instead, they believe their only path forward is one of crime or delinquency that often puts them or others in harm’s way and sets them up for failure rather than success.
On Sunday, September 18, Hillary for Florida hosted a Black Girl Magic roundtable in Miami for young black women in the community at Jackson Soul Food in Miami. At the roundtable, which was livestreamed on the Hillary for Florida Facebook page, the women discussed issues of equal representation in politics, women's rights and Hillary Clinton's plans to create an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.
Tallahassee, FL — Today marks exactly 200 days since President Obama wrote a letter to Congress urging the passage of $1.9 billion in emergency funding to combat Zika. During this period, Marco Rubio has continued to back Republican ‘poison pills’ designed to score political points during the crisis. As Zika spread in Florida, Rubio was voting to ensure that any relief measure also included provisions to cut Planned Parenthood funding and protect the display of the Confederate flag.
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