Dear Peter, Well, things worked out a little differently than Grace and I had hoped, but let me say: I by no measure feel defeated.
ORLANDO, Fla. - Today, Mayor Gillum congratulated Governor-Elect Ron DeSantis on Facebook Live and thanked the thousands of grassroots supporters for their work on his campaign and their commitment and dedication to building a better Florida. Gillum encouraged his campaign’s supporters to keep fighting for what they believe in and no matter the obstacles or challenges.
Not only is she a singer, actress, entrepreneur, ambassador extraordinaire and non-profit founder and education advocate, but now you can add get out the vote advocate, clap-back expert and Caribbean Warrior Queen.
New Florida Majority and other hundreds of volunteers statewide are calling voters in every county Miami, FL - As the final votes are being counted and the chances of recounts for several races are growing stronger, all provisional ballots must be confirmed today. All voters who submitted provisional ballots must confirm their vote in order for it to be counted. Voters have until 5pm today to fax, send a personal email of show up in person at the SOE to confirm they submitted a provisional ballot. (See list of SOEs and copy of letter to fax below) .
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