MIAMI – October 25, 2016 – The Black Owned Media Alliance (BOMA) is pleased to announce their general election recommendations. Organization President, Dexter Bridgeman, says that there is a level of accountability that the Black Media has to oblige. “Here at BOMA, we embrace the opportunity to propose to our community the individuals that we feel will best represent our community. The endorsements we have selected for the general election will assist our community in making an informed decision at the polls.” The candidates are as follows:
Why Bother To Vote In the November 2016 General Election?  Since 2000, a group of concerned Caribbean-Americans in South Florida, has developed Voters’ Guides to help you 1) select the better candidates who may promote the interests of Caribbean-American people in South Florida, and 2) provide guidance on constitutional ballot amendments. We have watched various political news programs, read local and national newspapers, attended town hall meetings, and consulted with non-partisan advocacy organizations and local community leaders. We have assessed the candidates based on their positions on a variety of issues, including, but not limited to, the economy, education, the American justice system, civil rights, healthcare, social services, affirmative action, economic opportunity among others.
CORAL GABLES, FL, October 21, 2016 - In an unprecedented development in the Florida State House District 114 race, President Barack Obama has endorsed Daisy J. Baez this morning, citing her record of outstanding service to our country as a veteran of the US Army, achieving the American Dream as an immigrant, and working to create opportunities for all working families in her community.
Miami, FL – On Saturday, September 10, former Texas State Senator Wendy Davis and Florida State Representative candidate Daisy Baez stopped by a voter registration event at the Clinton campaign office in Wynwood to discuss why they support for Hillary Clinton in this election. Before a crowd of supporters, campaign organizers and Planned Parenthood volunteers, Senator Davis discussed the importance of electing Hillary Clinton and Democrats up and down the ticket who will fight to protect women's access to health care, close the pay gap and fight for paid family leave. In contrast, Donald Trump has asserted that guaranteeing paid family leave would make America less competitive and consistently insulted, criticized, and demeaned women.
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