[North Miami, Florida - With less than 20 days remaining prior to the November 6th Midterm Election, Florida Asian Services, a non-partisan grassroots organization – in partnership with other Asian American organizations - is urging thousands of registered Asian-American voters to make a historical impact on this election cycle.
U.S. elections, especially mid-terms, are notorious for low voter turnout. It is against that background that Caribbean Today is joining the plethora of media houses, commentators, non-governmental agencies and civic organizations urging Florida voters to cast ballots in November 6 mid-term elections.
MIAMI – U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson came to Florida International University today and gave an impassioned speech to get Democrats and Independents out to cast their ballots during Florida's early voting period that began Oct. 22.
After careful consideration and review of candidates seeking elected office in South Florida, specifically Miami-Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County, The BLACK OWNED MEDIA ALLIANCE, (BOMA) has made the following endorsements:
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