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ole2On April 18, 2012, Miami-Dade County Health Department Environmental Supervisor Mr. Trevor Coke and Senior Epidemiologist Dr. Guoyan Zhang, were the proud recipients of the 2012 Florida International University's Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work Path Awards.

Mr. Coke received the award in the Environmental and Occupational Health category and Dr. Zhang was recognized for his work in Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance.

Arthur Agatston, M.D., preventive cardiologist and author of The South Beach Diet book series, has recently joined Baptist Health Medical Group as medical director of wellness and prevention for Baptist Health South Florida.  Dr. Agatston will provide practicing cardiologists at Baptist Health with new insights into the prevention of heart disease, which will then be offered to local and international patients.

The addition of Dr. Agatston to our clinical wellness and preventive medicine team will allow us to further our mission of helping the community become healthier, said Brian E. Keeley, president and CEO of Baptist Health South Florida. Thanks to his research, and the work of other experts, we now better understand that adopting a healthy lifestyle lowers the risk for many diseases.


Baptist Health International is proud to announce that neurosurgeon Harold J. Pikus, M.D., has joined the neurosurgery group of Baptist Health Neuroscience Center and Baptist Health Medical Group.  Dr. Pikus is now medical director of Baptist Health Neuroscience Center's radiosurgery program, which includes gamma knife, and is chief of neurosurgery at Doctors Hospital.

Dr. Pikus brings to our community a wealth of academic and clinical experience in the area of radiosurgery, said Jack Ziffer, Ph.D., M.D., corporate vice president for Baptist Health Medical Group. Under the leadership of Dr. Pikus, the radiosurgery program that includes gamma knife at Doctors Hospital will continue to offer the spectrum of treatments for patients with brain tumors.

Ushering in a new, comprehensive approach to treating underserved South Florida patients living with HIV/AIDS, the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine has announced a partnership with Magic Johnson Enterprises and Clear Health Alliance, a Medicaid specialty plan offered by Simply Healthcare Plans, a minority owned and operated managed care plan.

Clear Health Alliance (CHA) was created to provide high quality medical services to the growing HIV/AIDS population in South Florida, many of whom do not have access to care. Earvin Magic Johnson and Magic Johnson Enterprises are collaborating with the University of Miami and Clear Health Alliance to ensure that these medical services reach ethnically diverse urban communities in Miami-Dade County, which ranks first in the nation for new AIDS cases per capita. Neighboring Broward County ranks second.

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