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“The Miami Dade County Health Department joins community partners and advocates in recognizing the 18th annual National HIV Testing Day on June 27, 2012. Because early HIV diagnosis is critical in order to fully benefit from available life-saving treatments, Miami-Dade County Health Department encourages residents and visitors to get tested:

This includes anyone who has participated in unprotected sexual activity or has shared syringes or needles through drug use, tattooing or piercing, as well as all pregnant women and children born to HIV-positive women. Miami-Dade has an estimate of 25,711 persons living with HIV/AIDS as of December 31st 2011. One in 36 Blacks, one in 163 Hispanics, and one in 123 whites are living with HIV infection through 2011.

Monday, 21 May 2012 14:35

No Mega Millions for Haitian woman

Wilson, MirlandeLottery officials said last month that all the winners of the biggest lotto in the United Stated history have claimed their prizes, ending claims by a Haitian woman that she had a $218.6 million Mega Millions ticket. They said a trio of public school employees claimed their share of the $656 Mega Millions prize.

Mirlande Wilson, the Haitian-born McDonald’s employee, had claimed she had won part of the lottery, but her story changed last month when she said that she had lost her ticket. “I did not make up no story to get no attention,” she told reporters, even as her lawyer said he was unsure whether or not she had won.

United States immigration authorities say they have captured a Jamaican fugitive in a major nationwide operation. As part of U.S.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) “ongoing commitment to prioritizing the removal of criminal aliens and egregious immigration law violators,” the agency said that Carlington David Richards, 34, a national of Jamaica, “is a recent border entrant and an international fugitive from justice.”
ICE said Richards is wanted in Jamaica for murder.

gonsalves-camilloSusan Rice, United States Ambassador to the United Nations, has expressed regret over the arrest of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves by an officer of the New York Police Department.

Gonsalves was reportedly handcuffed by an overzealous New York City cop on Mar. 28 after he stepped out of his official car and went through a barricade in front of the Vincentian mission building in midtown Manhattan.

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