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Jackson Health System Honors Its Nurses



Thirty-seven nurses were honored with Nurse of the Year awards at a public celebration held at Jackson Memorial Hospital. As part of National Nurse Week activities, a licensed practical nurse, an advanced practice nurse, a registered nurse and a rookie nurse from each of Jackson Health System's patient care centers, specialty areas, satellite centers and hospitals were selected by their colleagues as the nurses who have contributed the most to quality caring throughout the system.

The nurses received their awards from Commissioner Dorrin D. Rolle, District 2, Miami-Dade County; Georgena D. Ford, R.N., secretary and trustee of the Public Health Trust; and D. Jane Mass, R.N., M.S.N., N.E.A.-B.C., senior vice president for Patient Care Services and chief nursing officer. Six nurses were the recipients of the Clinical Excellence Award that is presented annually to the nurse who best exemplifies selfless dedication, compassion and nursing pride systemwide throughout the years.

Clinical Excellence Award winners were Caroline S. Burnett, A.R.N.P., Ambulatory Care Center; Mauva Beharie, R.N., Holtz Children's Hospital and Women's Hospital Center; Elizabeth Goncalves, R.N., Jackson Memorial Hospital; Sheila D'Metayer, R.N., Jackson North Medical Center; Isabel M. Baldomero, R.N., Jackson South Community Hospital; and Jacqueline Panton, R.N., Jackson Mental Health Hospital.

Caroline S. Burnett, A.R.N.P., was recognized for intervening and advocating for a CHF patient who underwent gall bladder surgery. The patient's family was so appreciative for the care provided by Ms. Burnett that the patient's son drove down from Georgia to thank her as well as her colleagues. She integrates research and evidence-based practice on an on-going basis. She provides high quality care and she serves as a patient and staff advocate. Ms. Burnett offers classes at the Lotus House for battered women where she provides workshops on nutrition, hypertension, healthy babies and heart health for women. She also currently serves as a professor at Barry University where she teaches obstetrical nursing and medical surgical nursing for undergraduate students.

Mauva Beharie, R.N., was honored for being knowledgeable, patient, caring and having a reputation for being an excellent preceptor. She exemplifies Professional Models of Care. Mauva goes above and beyond the call of duty when caring for her patients by keeping them informed during a difficult pregnancy and providing comfort and concern. She always takes on the role of preceptor, mentor and teacher to colleagues and students. As a member of the Nurse Practitioner Women's Health Organization, Mauva uses this foundation to enhance her collaborative efforts with the medical team. She has a Masters degree in Perinatal/Women's Health and is certified by the National Certification Corporation.

Elizabeth Goncalves, R.N., was recognized for being an active member of the Unit Practice Council and offering valuable suggestions for improvement of our processes and practices. She serves a part of the newborn intensive care unit support group of doctors, nurses, and parents of premature babies. She is on call for the mothers with premature babies 24/7 for whatever questions they have or just to provide the support they need. She demonstrates the same type of compassion for her patients on the Ortho Neuro floor of Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Sheila D'Metayer, R.N., was honored for the superior characteristics she demonstrates as a nurse every day. Her extensive work in the community includes giving her time and support to the Breast Cancer Walk, Lupus Foundation Walk, Juvenile Diabetes Walk, American Heart Association Walk and fund raising. She always goes above and beyond to help out during natural disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi, and medical missionary trips to Honduras. She continuously promotes and improves patient care and safety at Jackson North Medical Center. She has been a lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Reserve since 2002. On weekends she volunteers in Soup Kitchens for Sisters of Charity. She also has participated in bike rides for AIDS and multiple sclerosis.

Isabel M. Baldomero, R.N., was recognized for nursing leadership, compassion and knowledge. She is always teaching, caring and sharing as she assists student nurses, physicians and other employees. She does mission work through her church, and she was one of the first nurses to represent Jackson Health System during the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January 2010. Her communication skills are exemplary, and she is continuously happy and always lifting the spirits of everyone she meets.

Jacqueline Panton, R.N., was honored for being an exemplary nurse. She joined the Unit Practice Council and convinced staff that it was in their best interest to join the UPC to optimize patient care. She has been working at the Jackson North Community Mental Health Center Crisis Stabilization Unit for four years. During her tenure she has gained the respect of both staff and patients. She is currently pursuing her bachelor of science in nursing degree.

To qualify for the Nurse of the Year awards, nurses must have been employed for at least three years of continual service; for the category, it can be one year or less. The nurses must demonstrate excellence in their job performance, proven by a consistent, above- average evaluation. There can be no record of counseling or disciplinary action in their personnel files within the last three years, and they have to demonstrate fulfillment of Jackson Health System Standards of Excellence. There must also be evidence of well-rounded professional activities that consolidate the nurses as role models.

Honorees for the Nurse of the Year awards were:

Ambulatory Care Center
Caroline S. Burnett, A.R.N.P., Catalina Miranda, R.N., and Patience Nkuba, R.N.
Corrections Health Services
Fanaka Jackson, L.P.N., and Craig Schoen, R.N.
Education and Development
Andrea Chonin, R.N., M.S.N., Ed.D.
Emergency Care & Trauma Services.
Maria Rosales, A.R.N.P., Gliscett Veliz, R.N., and Manuel Osborne, R.N.
Holtz Children's Hospital
Marice Alce, A.R.N.P., Wankisha Byars, L.P.N., Deanna Mosley, R.N., and Joan Moraga, R.N.
Jackson Memorial Long Term Care Center
Victoria A. Thompson, L.P.N., Joan P. Haiggial, R.N., and Donna Allen, R.N.
Jackson Memorial Perdue Medical Center
Hardey Tater, L.P.N., and Juan Vicioso, R.N.
Jackson North Medical Center
Judith Orcel, L.P.N., Sheila D'Metayer, R.N., and Luis Derosa, R.N.
Jackson South Community Hospital
Martha Peroldo, A.R.N.P., Candice Galnares Soto, L.P.N., and Isabel M. Baldomero, R.N.
Medical-Surgical Hospital Center
Ivan Mariaca, L.P.N., Maritza Guzman, R.N., and Keila Lainez, R.N.
Jackson Mental Health Hospital
Jacqueline Panton, R.N.
Ortho-Rehab-Neuroscience Hospital Center
Elizabeth Goncalves, R.N., and Johann Reyes, R.N.
Perioperative Services
Salma Hernandez, M.S.N, A.R.N.P., Sonnie Hawkins, L.P.N., Sharon Sun, R.N., and Wendy Ramos, R.N.
Womens Hospital Center
Nola Holness, A.R.N.P., Patricia Berrnudez, L.P.N., and Mauva Beharie, R.N.

Jackson Health System, an integrated healthcare delivery system, consists of its centerpiece, Jackson Memorial Hospital, four primary care centers, four specialty care centers, 17 school-based clinics, two long-term care nursing facilities, a network of mental health facilities, Holtz Children's Hospital, Jackson Rehabilitation Hospital, Jackson Mental Health Hospital, Jackson North Medical Center and Jackson South Community Hospital.

Governed by the Public Health Trust, a dedicated team of citizen volunteers acting on behalf of the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners, Jackson Health System ensures that all residents of Miami-Dade County receive a single high standard of care regardless of their ability to pay.