Belize P.M. Seeks Treatment in Cuba

BELMOPAN, Belize – Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow last month sought medical treatment in Cuba.

Barrow1“Barrow”According to an official statement issued by the government here, Barrow went to the Caribbean nation for “a follow-up medical appointment.” The statement did not elaborate.

Last year, Barrow told the nation he was traveling to Havana, Cuba for “spinal surgery”.

“This is a two-level fusion surgery with spinal correction because I also have a misalignment apart from the discs,” he explained.

“So it is a serious surgery and the recovery time is expected to be relatively long. However, once I come through the surgery okay … I should be able to operate initially by phone and perhaps signing what I need to sign with stuff being brought to my home until I am able to actually go back into the office and put in a full day’s work.”