Ear Nose and Throat Services For Children Now Offered in Central Jamaica After $823,000 Donation

Author:  Latoya Laylor Brown
Previously, persons needing surgeries to remove foreign objects from the oesophagus would have to be transferred to hospitals in Kingston; however, this and other services are now being offered for both adults and children at the Mandeville Regional Hospital (MRH) through the donation of clinical equipment from the Manchester Wellness Foundation, valued at $823,000.00.

Andrew Manning0The donation of clinical equipment including suction aspirators, grasping forceps, oesophagoscopes and rigid paediatric oesophagoscopes to enable emergency and surgical intervention for children at the MRH Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Department, was handed over by the non-profit organization on Wednesday, May 31 at the Mandeville Regional Hospital.

According to CEO of the MRH, Mr. Alwyn Miller, the 2106 donation of clinical equipment to enable emergency and surgical intervention for adults by the Foundation has contributed to an 11 percent increase in the number of patients accessing services at the ENT Department.

"I am pleased to inform that the benevolence of the Foundation has not been in vain and whilst there are contributing factors, when I checked the figures, it suggested that the ENT Department saw some 451 more patients in 2016 than it did in 2015, with a total of 4,366 patients. I hasten to say that this department is a department of two and I want to applaud the team in terms of the work that they have been doing" the CEO said.

Turning to the significance of the donation, Mr. Miller added: "Certainly we can understand the importance of having that expertise available right here in our community rather than having to transfer some of those patients to other facilities outside of the region. This is evidence that the work of the Manchester Wellness Foundation is reaping success. I hope you will feel encouraged by it and will continue to support us as a hospital in strengthening our services. We want to encourage the community at large to continue to support the endeavors of the Foundation. "

For, Consultant at the MRH ENT Department, Dr. Andrew Manning, the donation made by the Foundation is priceless adding that "the adult oesophagoscope equipment has allowed us to perform rigid oesophagoscopy, that is looking down patients gullets, the layman term for the esophagus. The reasons for doing this is for patients who have ingested foreign bodies and also many patients who may have suspected cancers in the esophagus. So we will be able to look down and perform the procedures and we will no longer have to send some of the patients to Kingston".

Regional Director of the SRHA, Mr. Michael Bent pointed out that though the Foundation consists of only nine members and has been in existence for 14 years, the organization has been a very consistent and reliable partner for the Authority.

"I know that this and other hospitals have benefited from your efforts throughout these years and we want to commend the Foundation for its efforts over the years because we need it. As an organization, we have put together a retooling plan for our facilities and we are cognizant that we will not be able to provide adequate support through funding from the government. We want to have reliable equipment and instruments at our facilities that are efficient and also cutting edge and so this contribution to the ENT Unit will support the fulfilling of our goals and retooling plan" Mr. Bent pointed out.

Since the staging of events in 2010, the Foundation has raised and disbursed in excess of $10 million to hospitals and health centres in Manchester through two major fundraising events, a run walk and a vintage party.