More Than 4000 Residents to Access Improved Services at Expanded Portsea Health Centre

Author  Latoya Laylor Brown

Improved Health Service for Residents: Minister of Health, Dr. Christopher Tufton (5th left) shares in the opening of the expansion of the Portsea Health Centre in St. Elizabeth which was expanded to the tune of $5 million.

Dr Christopher TuftonMinister Tufton re-opened the health centre on Thursday, May 3 and noted that the Health Ministry is on a drive to restore credibility to public health particularly in primary health care which includes health centres. Photographed also are: (left to right) Regional Director for the Southern Regional Health Authority, Michael Bent, Parish Manager for the St. Elizabeth Health Services, Sean Brissett (in glasses), Councillor for the Malvern Division, Donald Simpson, Member of Parliament for South East St. Elizabeth, Franklyn Witter and Public Health Nurse for the Maggotty Health District, Norma Stewart Whittaker (right) and Nurse at the Portsea Health Centre Sayly Whittaker.

Portsea Health CentreA section of the expanded Portsea Health Centre in St. Elizabeth, which was refurbished at a cost of $5 million. The additional space which was added to the health centre includes a doctor’s office, a nurse’s office and an area for weighing babies. The health centre, which serves more than 4000 residents provides services including: curative, maternal & child health,  environmental health, health promotion, mental health, antenatal, postnatal, child health, immunization, disease control and nutrition.